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Turn old mobiles into pet monitor, baby monitor or home security cameras

EyeCura is a secure video monitoring service taking no chance in risking your Privacy

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Turn your old devices into smart video monitors.

EyeCura works on heaps of devices. Just install it on an old phone or tablet and you're good to go!

Security first. EyeCura is completely private.

EyeCura uses advanced encryption methods to ensure your video is kept constantly secure.

Not just a monitor. Start a chat with one tap.

Just one tap enables a two-way video chat, so you can speak with whoever is on the other end.

Discover more of EyeCura's features


EyeCura uses P2P streaming meaning nobody else can see your stream. Not even us.


EyeCura is the first video monitor app that allows you to stream multiple streams at once.


EyeCura works on all sorts of mobile devices so you can use any old device to stream with.

How does it work?

Watch multiple streams at the same time.

EyeCura allows you to watch what's happening on 4 different streams, all at the same time.

$0 setup. Just use your old devices.

EyeCura is completely free for one camera. See all pricing plans

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