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We’ve all been in a situation where an extra 10-minute sleep would make all the difference. So, we press the snooze button once, reassuring ourselves that we won’t do it again…but then we do, sometimes even two or four times (definitely guilty).  So now you’re running late for work. You no longer have time to take a shower, you rush through your breakfast, throw on whatever you see first and spare one minute to brush your teeth. You take a second to remember that you recently installed a security camera, sigh in relief and proceed to find your keys. You have already made your first mistake.

MISTAKE NO. 1 – Wasted your money purchasing new devices that do the same job an app can.

Most people are unaware, but applications like EyeCura, Presence or At Home security offer the same functions a security camera does. You can use an old and outdated mobile with the leisure of setting it up anywhere in your house or even a rented apartment or hotel room. No installation fees are required!

Returning back to your morning, you turn your security camera on and proceed toward the door with a false sense of confidence.

MISTAKE NO. 2 – Installed security cameras with no flexibility.

With EyeCura, you have the freedom to choose where and when you set your camera up. In other words, there are no restrictions!

So now, you’re only a few steps away from the door. You turn your back to do one last check and bingo your camera is in full swing. “Good luck trying to break into my house!” You think to yourself. The camera is barely noticeable! Right there is your third mistake.


MISTAKE NO.3 – Visible Camera.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to disguise their cameras. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but think about it. Would you not be more inclined to break into someone’s house believing that there were no visible cameras watching you? If your camera is concealed, sure you may be able to catch a criminal on the footage without them knowing, but what’s the use when your valuables could be long gone by the time you realise? With EyeCura, as soon as movement is detected, a notification will be sent to you!  So remember to position your phone so that it is somewhat visible to the burglar’s eye. This will help deter burglars from breaking into your house.

As mentioned before, this isn’t an ordinary morning. You leave your jewellery and other valuables visibly lying around in your bedroom. You also leave your laptop on your desk knowing you can use the computer at work. You abruptly slam the door not bothering to lock the wire door.

Oh oh!

You have now made two mistakes in less than one minute!


MISTAKE NO.4 – Leaving your highly valuable stuffs lying around in your home

Burglars break into people’s homes with the intention of stealing highly valuable items. Research has highlighted that the most popular items stolen include; cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, mobile phones, wallets/handbags, TV’s and ID documents (especially credit cards).

So, what is mistake 5 you may ask yourself?

CORRECT! The goddam door!


MISTAKE NO. 5 – Forgot to lock the door

We are all guilty of this. No one thinks that leaving the wire door open will impose greater risk because the main door is locked. Anecdotally speaking, that is only until your own house is broken into when the wire door was left open. Leaving one of your doors open is basically an invitation to burglars. It’s one less thing for them to worry about. So, don’t make it easier for them to break into your house.

If any of these common mistakes resonate with you that you were not aware of, I’m glad I could help you make your house a little more secure.

Be smart and the next time you sleep in and are in a rush for work, just ask yourself whether you’re making any of these mistakes.

Forgetting to feed your pet …well now that’s another story.

Oh… last thing… would like to keep an eye on your beloved ones and things remotely. Read more about EyeCura home multitasks monitoring app here.

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