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Raising children is a difficult and joyful journey. Especially for a first time parent, the task can feel overwhelming, scary and just plain hard, according to Childabusesq.

These are the 4 things most parents worry about day and night. EyeCura can help you allay these worries cheaply or FREE with no device cost. All you have to do is reuse an old phone and mount it somewhere.

1. Worry about safety of the children and baby 

Of course, you always worry about your children, especially in their formative years. Are they doing anything dangerous? Have they fallen somewhere? Are they eating something they shouldn’t eat? That is why you always want to have them in your sight, not just around the house. The issue even more important with baby.

However, there are times that you NEED to leave their immediate proximity for cooking, cleaning or other necessary tasks that might take a sizeable chunk of time.

For those occasions, how about leaving one “eye” with them? You can set up EyeCura as a children or baby monitor to see what they are doing & receive instant notifications when something happens.


2. Worry about entertainment 

Another anxiety inducing issue when raising children is whether they are spending too much time digital devices or watching TV, or perhaps both, during the night, while they should be sound asleep. Because we’re also parents, it’s something we worry about as less sleep can impact childrens’ ability to learn and grow.

For these situations, EyeCura allows you to directly call the camera and communicate without call acceptance. You can click the call button from your monitoring phone and start speaking. With this feature, you can also make sure that your child is only using entertainment devices for a reasonable amount of time.

With a little help from EyeCura, you can observe them, communicate with them, and control their TV time (with help from Google Chromecast)/digital device time without leaving your bedroom or home office.




3. Worry about family connection 

The average working day seems to be getting more and more eventful each year. Adding young children to this can become a juggling act. A common problem stemming from longer working hours, and therefore longer hours away from home, is that modern parents spend less time with their children.

Lack of family connection and union between generations is a new but increasingly apparent problem. Moreover, this is compounded by time spent on technology and mobile devices while at home.

I can bet that at least once you’ve realised that evenings when everybody’s home often consists of you staying in respective rooms and tapping away at a phone/tablet/laptop, etc. Whether it be for work or for entertainment, this is time spent away from the family. Time that could be spent talking, playing around and laughing.




4. Worry about career  

According to research by The Economist, 50% of Australian women stated that they had to scale back their career since they had their first child and start raising children. Moreover, many women felt that they could only protect their job title during maternity leave.

A friend of Courtney Weaver, who works at a large management consultancy in New York says that she has been starting to feel less secure about her role ever since her pregnancy – Financial times

The reason is the number of worries start to increase when raising children, especially when children can not take care of the themselves. So you cannot fully concentrate on your job which reduce a certain amount of productivity. EyeCura can help you to minimize and solved those worry with number of features as we discussed before so you can put continue to advance our career.


Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash


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