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Did you know that Facebook records billions of pieces of information about each user.

They have more than 2 billion users as of writing. Imagine the power that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as a company has over us. The whole suite of Facebook Ad tools is built upon that information, and Facebook is selling all of it.

On the other hand, you may argue that based on the information we enter, they will deliver a more tailored experience, will recommend more products and content that you like or need. However, you may have noticed the adverse affects of personalisation. You are fed your own opinions and views on every topic. Facebook has become synonymous with confirmation bias.

You may have heard that ‘Facebook now understands you better than you do yourself’ this may not sound so bad initially. However, what if that information got hacked? Information on everyone all stored in one place. Facebook’s servers. It no longer sounds so safe, does it?

I say this, not to freak you out or stop using Facebook, by any means, but to help you consider another angle of the situation. I hope that I can raise a little more awareness about the importance of your digital privacy.

Another perpetrator is Google

Who may record more of your digital data than Facebook. Let me make a quick guess, you are using the Chrome browser which is owned by Google to search the web. It doesn’t matter if it is on your computer, laptop, phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet; Chrome is recording your data via the browser itself. With that knowledge they are able to infer your deepest desires and fears. Besides social media like Facebook, Google is the most frequently used service. Anytime that you want to know something, you ‘google’ it; want to buy something? you also ‘google’ it. It is not an exaggeration to say that Google now knows everything about you. Have I mentioned Android? Google now have an even larger data set due to their phone ecosystem. What if the information got leaked, enabling people to use this information? Yes, you can argue that they are big companies and their security is the very best. However, nothing is impossible. So why not minimise the risk from the beginning?

There are countless cases where a company, advertised as ‘private’ has been hacked.

For example, Uber and Snapchat. Do you remember how often security leaks of big tech companies appeared on front page of the newspapers? How Uber have to pay billions in reparations because their databases got hacked? Or what about Snapchat you claim they delete photos 24 hours after being sent by someone, but then had old photos leaked, twice? Those may only be a fraction of the privacy breaches, as many may not have been leaked to the media.

Giving up personal information online is unavoidable in this digital era. However, understanding how much information we should give and who to trust is paramount. Even with the many firewalls and other security methods tech companies employ, it remains a fact that if the hacker gets into the data, they get into all the data.

1.7 Millions users data got hacked in April 2017 – Second time.

In years to come, when Quantum computers are commercialized, the security that suffices right now will mean nothing. Hackers with those computers will be able to break encryption that wouldn’t seem possible in a million years with an ordinary computer. This leaves everyone’s data vulnerable.

For something like monitoring your home, where your baby and children live. It’s best to keep your footage secure on your own device.

That is why, with EyeCura, we provide a truly Peer-to-Peer connection, which is secure, private and easy to use so that it suits you and your family’s security needs. The app opens a connection directly from your monitoring phone to another camera phone that has signed in to your account. You can use the app to surveil your home, use an old phone as a dog camera, cat camera or as a baby and/or elderly camera. Your footage and the two-way stream can only be viewed by you.

We are confident in our technology and guarantee that no video footage is stored anywhere but inside your device.

The founding team has more than 15 years in the cyber security industry. You can read about us here.


Our app is designed with the mindset of helping you to solve many security problems and for it to be stress free, since life is already stressful enough.
For the price of only a latte a month, you can have many additional features. Don’t worry, security and privacy is for everyone.

EyeCura offers many features covered by several price tiers including free one that you can check out here.

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