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In today’s market, every baby monitoring product requires two separate devices. These cameras are also required to be positioned within a 200m distance. Moreover, all of them cost around $200.

With EyeCura, you do not need additional devices as you can reuse your old phone turning it into a camera. Secondly, we offer features such as two-way calls from just a click of a button. This can be achieved using the monitoring phone. Furthermore, we also offer multi streams enabling you to stream up-to 6 cameras at the same time. This means that you can see 2, 3 or more kids on any of the monitor phone. It may be your phone, your significant other’s phone or even your baby grandparents…there are no restrictions!

Being parents our self, we understand the responsibilities that come along with this role. It is inevitable that some days will be more difficult than others and this may cause stress and sleepless nights.  However, it is important to remember that there are many positive aspects too such as the joyful moments you get to experience with your kids.

Here are some tips and further information on how EyeCura can be a cheaper yet effective alternative solution.

Tips 1: How to not affect the baby.

As the camera will be your old phone, you might worry about the signal from the phone that might damage the fragile baby or the light from the camera screen that might affect the baby sleeping time. For your information, EyeCura cares deeply about your child so we built our product in the most baby-friendly way possible. You can dim the camera screen light with just a touch and this also allows the phone to record longer & reduce the heat from the phone. Moreover, the camera also does not need any sim card inside so there is no need to worry about the signal from the phone. EyeCura connection technology works based on the internet and wi-fi.


Tips 2: highly sensitive motion detection

EyeCura has a highly sensitive built-in motion detection. As soon as a movement is detected, a notification is sent to the monitor’s phone. With this feature, you can keep a careful eye on your baby and keep updated in case any incidents occur.

Tips 3: Safe, Private AND cheapest (comparing with the providing quality & existing product)

EyeCura technology is a purely peer-to-peer connection between the camera and the monitors. Furthermore, no streaming or connection goes through any server.

Tips 4: Use two-way talk features to turn on a lullaby or simply comfort your baby with a familiar voice.

We have a feature that allows the monitors phone to call the camera. Every time you do this, the app will act the same as facetime and you can talk with the baby from another room to comfort them or just simply show your existence. Furthermore, you can also turn on/off lullaby songs from a different room, maybe while you working. This allows you to take care of the baby and working at the same time.

And all of this for the price of $4.99/ month with just ‘standard’ tier. So, now you are good to go.

EyeCura Multitask Monitoring app that protects your privacy. Download here.

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