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Have you ever wondered what your dog gets up to once you leave the house?

Well if you keep on reading, you can catch a glimpse of a day in the life of Pixel, a cheeky and energetic Jack Russel.

PIXEL: Today I woke up feeling energised as ever….it must have been last night’s roast leftovers…. Yum!

Wednesday Morning

PIXEL: Wednesday mornings are usually the same in my household. My owner Cheryl wakes up at 6:30am, gets ready for work and enjoys her breakfast reading the daily newspaper. I never get in her way when she is getting ready but when it comes to her breakfast, I love to keep her close company (for obvious reasons of course). Some days if I’m lucky enough, she will see me walk over with my irresistibly cute puppy eyes and give me a taste of her breakfast. Raised eyebrows and those big brown eyes of mine work every time. I must say I’ve really mastered the ability to pull on her emotional heartstrings.
By now, I know when Cheryl is about to leave for work. The moment she reaches for her bag, finds her keys and throws on her coat leaves me exactly 2 minutes before I’m left alone for 8 hours.

*The door slams*

And this is where it all begins!

For the first 30-50 minutes, I have to admit I don’t get up too much. I like to sit by the window and just stare into the distance. This is mostly because I miss Cheryl. However, after an hour, the feeling of missing her goes away.

Things I get up to when I’m home alone

  • Clean Cheryl’s shoes
  • Exercise- I love to run around the house
  • Take on the role of a home security guard dog
  • Reflect
  • Ransack the bin
  • Catch up on some sleep
  • Jump onto Cheryl’s bed
  • Bark and yes maybe even whine a little bit

Despite Cheryl not being home, she can still watch any of these moments using EyeCura…I’m sure she would be particularly interested in watching Pixel “clean her shoes”.

What do you think your pet gets up to when you’re not home?

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