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New apps can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time…. What can I do ? and more importantly HOW?

Here is a short and easy step by step explanation on how to use the EyeCura app.

How to set up your camera

STEP 1: Open EyeCura and sign in or register if you haven’t already made an account. (To see a list of supported devices click here)


STEP 2: Click on the red video button & name your camera.


STEP 3: Click on the control centre to customize the camera like enabling audio, motion detection and recording settings.


Congratulations your camera is ready !!!! :). Just mount it somewhere. Click here to see some mounting options.


Monitor Side Device

STEP 1: Open EyeCura app on a DIFFERENT device and sign in to SAME ACCOUNT


STEP 2: Click on the remote camera name to watch (in this case, it is called ‘Office’)


STEP 3: If not displayed, pull down from the top of the screen until the refresh icon starts to


Additional Features
  • Motion Detection: Two ways to access it.
  1. Camera side: Go to login->setup a camera -> Name it -> click on camera name at the top.
  2. Monitor side: Go to login -> Click on the camera name to watch remotely -> click on camera name at the top to see a remote control.

– This feature needs to be set on the camera side device in the case that nobody is around. Once it detects a movement, it will send you a notification and record the scene on the camera device and store it under the recording tap.

– In the case that you forget to setup motion detection, you have a remote control from the monitor side’s device. This will be visible once you connect with that camera.

  • Recordings: Login -> Tap bar on the bottom of the home page.

– Camera recordings are available under the recording tap on the home page. The recordings on the camera side are generated either from normal recordings or motion detection incidents (once it  is on).

– Monitor recordings are not auto run. When you are watching a remote camera from your monitor device, you need to click on the red button found in the bottom left corner of the screen (See the snapshot above).

Check out this link for more details on EyeCura features and pricing!

  • Settings : Login -> Setting -> My account.

– You are able to change your personal info and password there.

  • Upgrade – Adding more cameras, recording and streaming time: Login -> Settings -> Upgrade.

–  Visit available packages on EyeCura website.

  • Refer a Friend (bonus program): Login ->settings -> Refer a friend.

–  This is a bonus program that allows customers to earn credit points if they invite their friends. The great news is that both the inviter and invitee earn credit. You can redeem these points at anytime to upgrade your plan.

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