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Here is a short and easy step by step explanation on How to Record on both camera and monitor devices. 

Disclamer: There are 2 types of recording; normal recording & motion detection recording. All recording footage will be stored on to your devices ONLY and you can ‘Export” or ‘Delete’ the videos.

How to Record from the Camera Side


STEP 1: Open the EyeCura app and sign in or register if you haven’t already made an account.



STEP 2: Click on the red video button & name your camera.


STEP 3: Click on the control centre and turn on recording. Footage will be stored in camera side.



(Note: Click on the sun icon to turn down the brightness. You can also press the camera icon to flip the camera).

How to Record from the Monitor Side


STEP 1: Open the EyeCura app on a DIFFERENT device and sign in to SAME ACCOUNT


STEP 2: Click on the remote camera name and click on the red button. Your Camera is now recording.



(solution 1 : b.c this part have many side note so I am not sure which one will look good)


Note: You can choose to call   or turn on/off the audio


STEP 3: If not displayed, pull down from the top of the screen until the refresh icon starts to spin




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