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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set it up?

  1. Create your account
  2. Sign in on your camera device
  3. Tap “setup as camera”
  4. Repeat for each camera you wish to connect
  5. Sign in on your monitoring device
  6. Tap the individual camera or a selection of cameras to stream simultaneously

Does a device need to be connected to the internet?

A camera does not need to be connected to the internet in order to record e.g. you may set the camera to record when it detects motion. If you wish to stream from a monitoring device, both the camera and the monitor need to be connected to the internet.

Where are my recordings stored?

Your recordings are stored within the EyeCura app on the device you selected to record from. You are then able to export them to other devices.

My camera device is getting hot, what do I do?

To keep your camera cool:
  • Keep it out of the sun
  • Turn off any apps running in the background (double click home button and swipe up to stop it running).
  • Tap the lightbulb button in the EyeCura app on the camera device to minimise the screen brightness

Why am I hearing this loud static or beeping sound?

If you’re hearing a loud static or beeping sound, you likely have your camera and your monitoring device too close together. Once you’ve setup the camera, give yourself a few meters before you start the monitoring device.

What quality video do you support?

The EyeCura app will automatically adjust the stream quality to your bandwidth. If your internet connection is good enough, you will receive the highest quality stream your camera can stream.

Won’t leaving my camera device on drain my battery?

We recommend that you connect your camera devices to power while using it as a camera device. You should also ensure only the EyeCura app is running (double click home button and swipe up to stop other apps running in the background).

Won’t recording fill up my phone’s storage?

We recommend creating as much space as you can on your camera devices by deleting apps, moving photo and video to other storage in order to leave storage for any recording.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription you must unsubscribe from Apple subscriptions.

How do I mount a device?

There are some DIY and cheap mounting options you can see here.

How can I add more cameras or recording time?

  • Free only allows you to connect one camera and then one device to monitor the stream. You are only able to stream for one minute, and can only record for one minute.
  • Standard ($4.99/month) allows you to use 3 cameras and 1 monitor. You also get unlimited streaming time.
  • Premium ($9.99/month) allows you to use unlimited cameras and unlimited monitors as well as giving you 1 day of recording and unlimited streaming time.

What devices and operating systems does EyeCura currently support?

You can find the current supported devices and operating systems here.

Can I control the camera device remotely?

Yes. You can turn recording on/off, turn audio on/off, turn motion detection on/off, flip camera (front and back).

How can I watch my recordings?

You can watch your recordings from your camera device for motion capture or if it was setup to record. If you recorded something to your monitoring device, you can watch it from there.

Can I export my recordings?

Yes, you are able to export from the camera device’s EyeCura app into your device’s photo and video library.

Can I view streams from my computer?

The web app is currently in development. From there you will be able to use your computer as a monitor.

How secure is the connection?

No streams or recordings can be accessed by EyeCura because they never touch our servers. The information passed between your camera and monitoring devices is encrypted.

What if my house is broken into?

If you have motion detection enabled on your camera device, your monitoring device will receive a push notification. Once you open the app you can record the stream straight onto your monitoring device so if your camera device is stolen you still have a copy of the recording.

My old iPhone says I need a SIM card, what do I do?

You can use your iPhone without a SIM. You will have to add a 
SIM to your device to set it up. After the phone is setup you can remove the SIM and use it on wi-fi.

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