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Turn old mobiles into pet monitor, baby monitor or home security cameras

Feel at ease with Eyecura’s secure video monitoring service

Pet Monitor

New puppy, old dog? Keep an eye on both!
Play, talk or train your dog while you’re away and get notifications when they cause a ruckus.

Baby Monitor

Watch over your baby while she sleeps, talk to her to keep her entertained!
Our motion detection feature makes sure that you get an alert when she’s crying or restless.

Home Security Camera

Want to feel more secure but don’t need advanced CCTV cameras? We got you covered.
Keep an eye on your home and belongings, record movement, catch a thief red-handed!

Remote Care Monitor

Worried that something might happen to your loved ones while you’re gone?
Check up on them with our do-it-yourself (CCTV, call them up, and get an alert when something happens!

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$0 setup. Just use your old devices.

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